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- (1) ring dish with cone shape         
- (1) Vancouver Canada, design
- (1) "Explore" hand-carved design
- (1) leaves design
- (2) heart diagnol sgraffito design
- (1) Circle design
- (1) Beautiful BC design 
- (1) Med Size sgraffito edge design


This ring dish is a great gift for your newly engaged friend, for someone special you know with lots of jewelry or for yourself as a safe place to store your precious pieces! 


Each dish is handmade using handbuilding pottery technique. This piece features a white underglaze colour followed by carving through to the raw clay to create a unique design (this technique is called Sgraffito in the pottery world).  


Each piece is handformed from calico clay, and then dried to just about hard, painted with white glaze and then carved to form unique pattern designs. The piece is fired in the kiln and then glazed with a clear glaze to ensure it's waterproof and durable. The piece is fired one last time and the entire process can take up to one week from start to finish. 


There may be variations from item to item which is expected of our handmade process. 

If you are looking to place a custom order please message me with details and I can mock up a drawing to spec.

White speckled Ring Dish: White Wedding Ring Dish, Heart Ring Holder, Engagement

SKU: 0010
C$15.00 Regular Price
C$10.00Sale Price
  • Material: Ceramic 

    Features: Dishwasher Safe, Microwave safe